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Sunday, April 20, 2008

That Kalin/Olseen Kouple in the Legislature

Kalin and Olseen went to Saint Paul - sent to Saint Paul by the voters of this District with (we must add) the massive financial and other assistance from "outside" forces (take a look at the funding sources for their campaigns and you will see who really elected them!) - big money always votes in any campaign.

Kalin and Olseen went to Saint Paul promising the "folks back home" that they would bring home the bacon so to speak - they were going to bring back the "goodies." But what have they brought back so far? They have brought back mostly the "baddies" - bad things like the massive gas tax increase and all the other garbage attached to the vaunted "transportation" bill - watch out in the future if you buy a new vehicle or when you renew your next license plates and a whole bunch of other undesirable increased costs.

Kalin and Olseen went to Saint Paul and brought home the stalled North Branch bridge project (remember how they crucified former State Representative Peter Nelson for allegedly "doing nothing" about the bridge!) Well, the bridge is still not replaced.

In addition to the largest legislative salaries in State history Kalin and Olseen are also pulling down the largest per diems in the history of this State - ($96 bucks a day for Olseen as a Senator and $77 bucks a day for Kalin as a Representative - essentially just for "showing up for work!"

They say that the Republican elephant has a long memory - we wonder if the DFL jackass is similarly endowed?


Anonymous said...

Wow. You continue to post false information. Everything I have seen shows that Kalin has rejected the per diem increase. I think I read somewhere that he voted against it repeatedly, and is only taking what it was when he was elected -$66, right? And didn't he collect less in per diem that Pete Nelson did before him?

Seems like you don't really want facts to get in the way of your opinions.

Anonymous said...

You had no thoughts about the $6.6 Billion transportation bill, just the per diem??

Speaking of telling the truth, which school was Jeremy Kalin a teacher at for 6 years? What state was this school in?

freedomwriter said...

RESPONSE TO "ANONYMOUS" ON KALIN & PER DIEM AND OTHER ISSUES - Anonymous says: "Everything I have seen shows that Kalin has rejected the per diem increase" but never identifies what is is that he has seen that would back up the truth of that statement. Next "Anonymous" says "I think I read somewhere that he (Kalin) voted against it repeatedly . . " That is about as trusting as believing Kalin's statement that he was "a high school teacher" for several years but so far Kalin has not said what years he taught or what he taught or the city and state of the high school where he taught.