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Friday, February 22, 2008

Thanks Governor Pawlenty

My fellow conservatives, it is time to take action in light of the passage of the Minnesota transportation bill (aka transit bill). It will take a few minutes of your time, but a groundswell may result in a good response.

1. Please click here to read Governor Pawlenty’s letter explaining his veto of the bill.

2. Then please click here to send a quick e-mail to the Governor, thanking him for standing up for all of us.

3. Then click here to see who in the House voted for and against the bill.

4. Below is the list of e-mail addresses of the 42 Republicans who voted against the bill. Two DFLers voted against the bill.

After changing the greeting, send DFLer John Lesch a thank you at: rep.john.lesch@house.mn. Correction: DFLer Mary Ellen Otremba also voted against the bill. Send thanks to: rep.maryellen.otremba@house.mn.

5. Please draft a short message such as the following and click on each of the 44 e-mail addresses to tell them thanks for voting for you. Below is a sample message you can block and copy quickly into each of the 43 plus 1 e-mail addresses found in item #4. Just add your name and county.

Dear Republican Representative,

Even though you are not my Representative because I live in House District 17B, I want to thank you for voting against the transportation bill and for taxpayers.

Please sustain Governor Pawlenty’s veto of this excessive and misguided bill.

Sincerely with appreciation,
My name
My county

6. Rep. Jim Abeler (rep.jim.abeler@house.mn)
Rep. Kathy Tingelstad (rep.kathy.tingelstad@house.mn)
Rod Hamilton (rep.ron.hamilton@house.mn)
Bud Heidgerken (rep.bud.heidgerken@house.mn) and
Neil Peterson (rep.neil.peterson@house.mn) are the 6 Republicans who voted for the bill. Please click on their e-mail addresses to contact them with a message like the following.

Dear Republican Representative,

Even though you are not my Representative because I live in House District 17B, your vote in the House affects me in Chisago County. I am disappointed you voted for the transportation bill.

Please vote to sustain Governor Pawlenty’s veto of this bill.

My name
My county

7. Taking the above action will require you to spend some time, but investing some time may bring a good reward. If you truly believe in bottom-up government and not top-down, use this simple way of contacting these state legislators. Nothing can be easier than sending an e-mail which you do to friends almost every day. Let us flood the inboxes of these legislators.

DO IT NOW! The vote to attempt to override the veto may happen on Monday.


FoundingFathers said...

You better take a Look at Roll Call:Rep John Lesch VOTED to over ride the Honorable Governor Tim Pewlentys VETO.
In St Paul we had this Wobbly Politician in check, but he Sold out to the Socialist Part that calls them selfs DFL. Slavery Has just been Enacted in Minnesota!
St Paul Target: Get Lesch out of office.

Elephant Herd said...

The above posting included commending Rep. John Lesch for voting against the transportation tax bill prior to the override of the veto.

Regardless of his vote eventually to override the veto against the taxpayer, we always need to vote any DFLer out of office.