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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Caucus Success

The Chisago County Republican Caucuses were well-attended, far beyond expectation. Many precincts experienced a triple or quadruple growth in attendance. In retrospect, it was a very wise decision to have more caucus locations than in the past. Check out the Secretary of State’s official totals for Chisago County. The vote totals for each presidential candidate are listed. Use this page to locate any other district in Minnesota.

Check out True North for a host of postings regarding the caucus experiences of others and their expressed opinions. By the time you read this, you may need to scroll down a bit on True North to pick up these comments.

Perhaps well over half of the attendees had never been to a caucus before. A big, hearty welcome to all of you. This is good because it is getting new blood involved in politics. The torch can thus be passed. Newness and freshness brings vim and vigor. It brings new ideas that can get us out of the rut that we fall into so easily. (Definition of a rut: A rut is a grave with both ends kicked out.)

In contrast to other years, I sensed a new urgency, an enthusiasm, a commitment, a dedication to conservatism. Welcome the newcomers! They have been stalwart Republican voters, but now they want to get more involved with the Party. Make sure they can volunteer. Find out their skills and interests. Put them to work.

Those of us who have been activists for any length of time must not feel threatened by this wonderful influx of fellow Republicans. Shame on us if we do. Teach them the ropes. Give them the ropes! Get out of the way in some cases. Become a mentor. These are the people that will be/are the next delegates, the next party leaders, the next candidates.

Conservatism is our cause. Conservatism does not exist so that I can be king or queen of my precinct or BPOU. Each of us exists so we can prosper conservatism while we have breath and pass the torch so the next generation of conservatives can carry that torch.

That is the vision and goal of Ready, Set Go...Kick Off to the ’08 Elections. Come and join us on Saturday to experience the enthusiasm of camaraderie. Learn how you can volunteer to aid the cause of conservatism in Chisago County. The GOP needs you! See you there!

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