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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks for the invitation to blog!

One of my kids favorite stories when they were young involved this wonderful, ferret-like creature who protected the home of the hero..Riki Tikki Tavi (excuse any misspelling please!). The little mongoose had a nose for snakes, hated them with a passion, and tried with all his cunning to keep the house patrolled and free of the serpents. Somehow it seems like a fitting screen name for this blog!
These are scary times for people with brains, hopefully scary enough to keep them from sticking their heads in the sand. I brought two young and excited people with me to the caucuses this year, they are mad and ready to stand up against the bs they believe is being shoved down their throats by politicians supposedly reaching out to their age group. Thank goodness that these young people, with a hard work ethic, realize that the democrats are talking about stealing their money and their future and giving it away to create a socialist state. My own daughter, now a delegate before the age of 20, has talked about her need to keep her mouth shut at school, while her professor rants on about equal rights, immigrant rights, unjust wars fought by volunteer slaves...just to make sure she passes the class. Apparently America is to blame for all these peoples sorrows. She watches as the scholarships go the all those we have taken advantage of....a culture of shame, paid for by our taxes. How many parents talk to their kids about what they are hearing in these institutes of higher education? They are the future of the Republican Party. When these kids work hard to earn the money for school, and watch the guy on a free ride next to him complain about how unjust America is to his race, his family, his country...these are the future of the Republican party. Both young adults who attended with me are ready to scream " just say no" to the giving away of their educations to immigrants, their money to welfare, their country to the socialism that their ancestors have fought to build and maintain. We, as a party need to tap this energy...we need to counter the education of shame they are being force fed. Just talking to the second young lady who attended with me, she had so much anger rising up, with no idea she could make a difference. She cannot afford the college education we fund with our taxes, she is making a low wage living, hoping to qualify down the road for a scholarship that boasts, "people of color, single parents" will be given first priority.
We need to help our children reclaim their heritage. W e need to show them that reclaiming the rights that their ancestors fought for is not a shameful and bigotted action. That their rights are the ones being stripped systematically, not the other way around.

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