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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Connector of Dots

The renowned climatologist, Senator John Kerry, recently blamed global warming for causing the southern tornadoes that killed more than 50 people. Any excuse will do to procure a platform to hype global warming. It is unusual for tornadoes to form this early in the season, however, it is not impossible. Such an isolated occurrence should not be used as evidence for conclusions other than that it happened.

This winter has seen more cold over the entire nation, and the southern and northern hemispheres, than in recent years. Yet John Kerry and other prognosticators will not use this as evidence for global cooling. Why? It is because the evidence does not fit the conclusion they want.

Global warming skeptics should not fall into the trap Kerry has. This cooler winter weather should not be used as evidence pointing toward global cooling. One winter cannot be a forecaster of a trend. Here in the Midwest, other winters have been much colder, with much longer cold spells.

When meteorologists get a three-day-forecast correct about 51% of the time, it is utter foolishness to extrapolate from one colder winter to global cooling or an isolated outbreak of tornadoes to global warming. Yet fools are not in short supply on the global warming side. Don’t add them on the global cooling side.

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