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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kalin Does It on Three Bucks a Day

My reaction to Jeremy Kalin’s phoney attempt to live off a food stamp budget can best be described as “disgusted”.

I’m disgusted by the blatant hypocrisy Kalin engages in. On the one hand he pretends to be in sync with the plight of poor Minnesotans by only allowing himself $3 per day for food. But according to a recent report by WCCO television, Kalin’s other hand has been busy stuffing his pockets full of meal money to the tune of $66 per day, six days a week.

According to the report, Kalin took home $7,854 in daily per diem payments in his first session as our representative. If it’s true that food stamp recipients only have $3 per day to spend on food, then Kalin’s meal money from just this year would be enough to fund 7 years worth of food stamps for just one person.

Legislator’s per diem is not automatic, it must be specifically asked for. For Jeremy Kalin to ask for and receive 22 times more meal money per day than a typical food stamp recipient and then claim to be sympathetic to their plight is hypocritical and disgusting behavior.

Jeremy Kalin should be ashamed and we should all be disappointed that our representative believes he is entitled to such a lavish standard-of-living at taxpayer expense.

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