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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another Reaction to Reagan Day Dinner Success

Wade Vitalis, Shafer, wrote the following letter to the Post Review.

Interests in capable hands

It is telling that the Chisago County Republican Party kicked off the 2008 fund raising season (Reagan dinner a huge success) by celebrating a famous deceased leader.

Just like Fran Tarkington suiting up to play won’t help the Vikings win a Super Bowl; going back 25 years in political history won’t help us find solutions for the 21st century.

We don’t need old ideas or old leaders; we need new ones. We need new partnerships to end grid lock. And we need a person with the energy to make these things happen.

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Since deceased leaders are insignificant in Vitalis’ world, there goes the Heisman Trophy. And I guess he doesn’t think much of the Democrats’ Jefferson Day Dinners either.

At least we Republicans are much more current, modern and up to date than the Democrats who are stuck in the nineteenth century, celebrating a leader who has been dead since 1826! Wow! We are a 175 years more current than they are.

The upbeat, get-the-job-done-Ronald Reagan believed in working together when he said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." Funny thing; he ended grid lock. It seems some old ideas still work. And, by the way, President Jefferson had a few good ideas as well. It seems he too ended grid lock in the Mediterranean when he defeated the Barbary Muslims.

There probably won’t be any Kalin Day Dinners any time soon.


Anonymous said...

What is so laughable (and contradictory)about Vitalis's article is that in the opening paragraph he cry's about Republican's honoring a dead leader then in his closing he mentions his Christian faith in Jesus who is also a leader who has died (and risen again of course). It seems that Vitalis can't submit a letter without contradicting himself.

The Anonymous one from Shafer

Anonymous said...

Interested parties can comment on the Vitalis letter here.