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Saturday, October 13, 2007


The Democrats are still dragging out the financing of the collapsed bridge. Of course they know it is very simple. They know the feds are holding up the $195 million. They know the Governor has done all that is necessary to secure these funds. They know the $2.2 billion rainy day fund is designed for emergencies like this. They know it will be reimbursed. They know the Mn/DOT budget will be OK apart from the bridge emergency. They know the bridge must be rebuilt.

But....dragging out the solution gives them an opportunity to come up with gotchas to reject Carol Molnau.

And they will do everything in their power to make it look like a special session is essential so they can raise taxes.

Then too, Mn/DOT needs their oversight or so they think. These legislators must strut their stuff and moan that they have been shut out of the process. Let the professionals do their job. Just as the Dems in Congress don’t want the generals to fight the war, so these Dems in the legislature don’t want the professionals replacing a bridge on their own. They might make a mistake— well actually, the legislators might miss an opportunity to be self-serving.

Self-importance has become a significant problem among legislators. They act more like kings and queens than servants. These do-gooders are probably itching for a year around legislative session. Most of us can’t wait for the legislative session to be done each year so they don’t do any more damage to our freedoms and pocketbooks. Get the people’s business done. Go home and work like the rest of us must. If you wouldn’t keep poking your nose into our business, maybe you wouldn’t keep raising our taxes so much.

Click here to see all the legislative committees that are meeting even while the legislature is adjourned. They are plotting for February.

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