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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We are Sick of Complainers

Why the Democrats are losers

"What a pathetic group of losers those Democrat leaders are. Complain, complain, complain is all we ever hear from them, but we see very little action.

Although part of America may have spoken in the last election by giving them a slight advantage in Congress, what exactly have they done with that advantage? At the end of the day, those very same leaders who claim they stand for a new direction have done absolutely nothing except complain!

When they were the minority in Congress, all they did was complain about the policies of the Bush administration and now that they are the majority the complaining continues. When are they going to stop complaining, step up to the plate and actually do something?

My guess is they will never step up to the plate and do anything because they have no real agenda or strategy for this country other than political gain."

For the rest of his criticism of the Dem's whinning, click here. This link was sent by a friend. If you find an article that you think should be posted, just send me the link and I will consider posting it.

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