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Monday, August 06, 2007

A Problem Behind Failing Infrastructure

More taxes are not the answer to correcting collapsing bridges; setting spending priorities are. The following commentary says it well and the 'toon is a picture worth a thousand words.

Nicole Gelinas
The Crumbling of America

"It’s not clear why a major section of the nation’s interstate highway system collapsed Wednesday night over the Mississippi River in Minnesota, causing a still unknown number of fatalities and indefinitely severing an important transportation link. But one thing has been all too clear for decades: America is neglecting its vital physical infrastructure, and the bill is coming due."

Later she adds:

"It’s easy to see how this happened. If the fifties were the decade of infrastructure, the sixties were the decade of entitlements and social services—and the sixties haven’t ended."

Read the whole commentary.

Jeff Koterba depicts this same scenario with fewer words.

If the bridge collapse is the final call for corrective action, then it is also a call for ending the entitlement attitude among the voters and politicians.

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