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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More Liberal Bilge

I thought the bridge collapse was Bush's fault. No! It's Reagan's fault! And Pawlenty's!

Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts
by Thom Hartmann

"Our bridges are falling apart (among other things), and its Ronald Reagan’s fault....And, most tragically, Reagan’s tax cuts caused America to stop investing in infrastructure."

This lengthy diatribe can be found here.

Hartmann contends Reagan's tax cuts were so severe it forced the government to borrow hugh amounts and there was not enough left for roads and bridges. In reality, Reagan's tax cuts stimulated the economy so much that it produced billions in new tax revenue. The country was awash in so much money that the Democrat controlled Congress went on a social spending spree, consuming all the new tax revenue and borrowing more to spend.

Today's Dems are so mathematically-challenged (as a result of Reagan's education tax cuts!) that they cannot perceive that less is more. A lesser tax rate will yeild more tax revenue. I know it doesn't sound right to a lib, but we conservatives know it intuitively. We know even though Reagan's "tax cuts" affected our education as well!

There isn't any hope these hippy politicians and pundits will ever learn. They run the government like they are still touring the country in their VW bus, smoking pot, engaging in free love, and living on Mom and Dad's handout, all the while complaining about the establishment that made it financially possible for such nonsense to happen. They lived on Mom and Dad's welfare and they still want to live on your welfare. Smoking pot was a priority and Mom and Dad could take care of their VW buses. And for that matter, they could take care of the bridges to Honalee also.

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