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Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Embedded Reporter's View

War secret: Iraqis actually like the U.S. military
'We know you won't take sides, and that you're fair'
By Matt Sanchez

This is the first in a series of accounts Matt Sanchez will present concerning his experiences in Iraq. Check at http://www.wnd.com/ for future articles. It is refreshing to read the human side of the war and not just the depersonalized and politicized angle.

The military personnel are working directly with the people on the street and in their homes to ferret out the terrorists. I want to call your attention to one paragraph in the article.

"Most Iraqis not only wanted Americans to take an active role in their lives, they expected it. After years of a regime that dictated controlled speech, movement and welfare, Iraqis were accustomed to strong mentorship. One of the hurdles leaders like Crider have is getting Iraqis to develop a greater sense of personal responsibility."

After years of totalitarian control in which government ran every aspect of their lives, they need to learn to take personal responsibility. That is understandable.

While our military is trying to teach them individual responsibility, too many of us in America are expecting the government to do everything for us. We have our hands out for everything from local government aid to disaster aid. While we don't pay attention, we are hoodwinked into paying more and more taxes for government "services" rather than taking the responsibility ourselves. This passive and irresponsible submission is choking us with totalitarianism and statism.

So many Dems, of course, aggressively foster this, being the Socialists they are. The creation of wimps is their aim so that they can save us with totalitarian statism. The Iraqis, said the author, were used to being subject to "a regime that dictated controlled speech." The liberal thought and speech police in America are pushing us quickly into that subjugation. Just maybe the military could serve a great cause back home to teach us personal responsibility!

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