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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pity Party for 'publicans!

PITY! I had such a good idea for how "new Republicans" should act and succeed and then, right away, "Anonymous" blew my good idea right out of the water by suggesting we should go back to the principles of "a second rate, B-grade movie actor." Retrograde!

Have we already forgotten how successfully Representative Kalin "put people before politics" and how he solved the plight of the poor in this area by pulling his little red coaster wagon in parades and collected food in it for them and how, as a result, he won re-election big-time.

And remember, too, how JK (that's JK as in Kalin - not "JFK" as in Kennedy) - and Senator Olseen were both going to come to the rescue of our schools until that right-wing Governor Pawlenty had the "audacity of hope" to not raise taxes and Pawlenty carried out his promise.

But it is very comforting to read repeatedly that Kalin and Olseen and all the other right-thinking (correction: I know it is "left"-thinking) Democrats are "disappointed" with the Governor. I mean their "disappointment" solves a lot of problems and makes us feel good. We know they "feel our pain."

Of course we still have one hope that we can all hold on to and that is that the Courts will get busy and rule in favor of Al Franken for our U. S. Senator. Then we can all sing: "Happy Days are Here Again!" and be entertained at the same time!!

I hope "Anonymous" will take another look at my earlier proposal and have a change of heart and recognize that "bi-partisanship" is what get things done "for the people" even if it does mean such a simple little thing as raising our taxes even more - even in the midst of a deep depression!

Wouldn't you like to "just get along?" People are even more important than principles!

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I will change my thinking. In stead of thinking "What's RIGHT for the U.S.A, I will wonder "What's LEFT of the U.S.A. after 4 years of these feel gooders. Ha Ha! I am so happy, I am sobbing!