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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The record is written!

The facts are in!

The truth cannot be disputed!

And now the tale must be told:

The "TAXPAYERS LEAGUE of Minnesota" has just published their Legislative Scorecard for 2009 showing the performance of Representative Jeremy Kalin and Senator Rick Olseen.

Representative Jeremy Kalin 17b earned a score of zero for the 2009 Session of the legislature and a score of zero for his legislative career!

That makes Representative Kalin's overall voting record even worse than the liberal extremist Representative Phyllis Kahn of Minneapolis.

And Senator Olseen, Dist. 17, was not much better than Kalin

Olseen earned a paltry score of "7" for the 2009 Session right along down there with Representative Kalin.

Folks, it is not how nice they smile at you or how many little red wagons they pull or tractors they drive in the parades - it is how they vote in your stead that tells the tale.

Clearly Kalin and Olseen must be replaced post haste.


Anonymous said...

Ok "Kato" Kalin spinners, lets hear what you have to say about your "Man". This ought to be good! Wow!

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