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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The New Republican Party!

I know now how to solve the current Republican party problems!! The solution just came to me in a flash of insight. Let's just become once again "big tent", "moderate", "bi-partisan", "revenue enhancing" supporters, "bureaucracy expanding" Republicans who are not afraid to work across the aisle. That way everybody will like us and we can "succeed" together with the opposition party. Let's just be nice. Can't we just all work together? Wow, what an insight I just spelled out for us! Ready to be part of the new Republicans?


Anonymous said...

NO!NO! NO! Let's go back to Ronald Reagan 101! I know you say this with tongue in cheek, but by moving to the LEFT, we got LEFT out. If you're a Rhino, you're a Whino! Lets run to the Right like never before! Election time Liberals run towards the middle, and the Republicans run towards the middle and guess what, the Teeter Totter doesn't move! Present Economy included!

Anonymous said...

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