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Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day really should be a holiday by another name because the word holiday doesn't do it justice.

This is the time to give thanks to our men and women, past and present who have devoted their lives to our security, and the many, all too many, who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.It is a time of mourning for the men and women we have lost, but it should be a celebration too, of what their sacrifice has created for us.

We at home can and should debate the merits of putting our soldiers in harm's way in any given situation and we strongly believe that our forces should never be committed without the commitment and resources to ensure their blood will not be shed in vain.

I would encourage everyone to attend a Memorial Day parade or one of the many services in the area and fire up the barbecue this weekend. Take in a baseball game. Heck, play in a baseball game. Kick off your own summer season in whatever fashion you choose. It's all your choice.

But please, take a moment to attend a Memorial Day activity this weekend. Pause for a moment. Find a veteran and thank them. For all of our problems, and they are significant, we are still citizens of the greatest country on Earth, where it is literally possible to start with nothing and create a legacy.

This year, this Memorial Day, take some time to savor life and appreciate your freedom and what the sacrifice of others has wrought.

God Bless this great Country and God Bless You.

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