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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why U.S. kids rank 33rd in math

Walter E. Williams

American education will never be improved until we address one of the problems seen as too delicate to discuss. That problem is the overall quality of people teaching our children. Students who have chosen education as their major have the lowest SAT scores of any other major. Students who have graduated with an education degree earn lower scores than any other major on graduate school admissions tests such as the GRE, MCAT or LSAT. Schools of education, either graduate or undergraduate, represent the academic slums of most any university. As such, they are home to the least able students and professors with the lowest academic respect. Were we serious about efforts to improve public education, one of the first things we would do is eliminate schools of education.

This paragraph should grab your attention, but read the whole article here.


The amount of money spent educating a child has little or no relationship to that child’s learning according to Williams. We all knew that, but these numbers substantiate it. Senator Olseen needs to put that in his pipe and smoke it before he wastes more of our tax dollars as noted in the previous post.

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Brent said...

The all to easy attack the teachers and schools routine. Everyone always forgets that the teachers and schools are only part of a child’s education. The other part is at home. Without good parental involvement and support, children will fail to succeed.
We can't always blame the teachers or schools when test scores are down. I know plenty of teachers and work in higher education myself and will admit that there are some less than adequate teachers out there. But to categorize them all as "least able" academically is wrong! Also the author states that teachers have the lowest SAT scores of all other majors. First of all, where are the numbers to support this statement? Second, SAT is a pre-college/university entrance exam. The use of SAT scores is irrelevant as it doesn't show what they learned in college.
Also the author mentions that they have lower GRE, etc. scores without supporting that statement. If we cannot verify these supposed lower test scores how do we know the author is just venting.
The author is right that putting more money into schools is not necessarily the answer. We need to make sure that the current money is going where it needs to and being spent wisely. There is way too much financial waste right now in schools and that does need to change. But to say that these supposed low scoring teachers are to blame is wrong.
A child’s education is more than what happens in the classroom. But in today’s world we are less involved in our child's life than we think, we expect the schools to make up for everything we have failed to do and don’t want to do in raising our children. Real change and impact happens at home.
In today’s world there always needs to be someone else to blame other than yourself.