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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Olseen Pandering to Raise Taxes

The Chisago County Press carried the following December 6, 2007 appeal by Senator Rick Olseen (D-17). His article entitled, We must find a better way to fund schools, can be found online at the Forest Lake Times and at Olseen’s Senate site. Please read it online and then consider my comments.


Former Governor Jesse Ventura brought about a higher level of state funding for education and a corresponding lowering of property taxes that funded schools. That legislation allowed local property owners to vote on school levies for more dollars to augment state funding, which many districts have done.

Senator Olseen says, "...we must move away from our reliance on operating levies to fund education in Minnesota." He wants to move beyond Ventura "...to ensure that ALL kids receive a quality education"—more money from the state so local referenda are not needed.

Of course this is for the kids—children get dragged into everything the Dems want. They are the excuse to soften up the taxpayer to be willing to let go of more hard-earned money.

Olseen is empathetic with local taxpayers who are stressed to come up with the cash to pay for local school operating levies. In fact he is so empathetic that he wants the state to pay for the extra cash for education so we taxpayers don’t have to do that. Wow! Isn’t that generous of him?

Apparently Olseen thinks the state is an ATM machine; it can tap into cash that just magically appears. This is how Dems always talk—it’s free so you would be stupid not to go along with it. We voters are not so stupid to realize that those who are stressed to come up with the cash to pay for local school operating levies are the same ones who will be taxed by the state to pay for the increased state funding of education. We will have the same stress either way, Senator Olseen.

Olseen is also in favor of taking away the local taxpayer’s voice in local funding. He is much in favor of the legislature usurping that say. The vote of thousands in each school district in his senate district will be preempted by his vote in the Senate. By one vote he will dip into your pocketbook to fund schools at the level he thinks is right. Who made him a god over us? I don’t want that kind of stress either!

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