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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Miserable Liberals

Divorce can be bad for the environment.

In countries around the world divorce rates have been rising, and each time a family dissolves the result is two new households.

"A married household actually uses resources more efficiently than a divorced household," said Jianguo Liu, an ecologist at Michigan State University whose analysis of the environmental impact of divorce appears in this week's online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

More households means more use of land, water and energy, three critical resources, Liu explained in a telephone interview.

Read the rest of this nonsense.


One does not need a degree in any subject or be an ecologist to realize the inefficiency of divorce. And we don’t need to study it; we know the conclusion without being paid to collect data. We all know intuitively that two can live as cheaply as one....well half the time.

These people would love to cram everyone into drab concrete high-rise prisons, 20 to a small flat, Soviet-style alongside of light rail to be squeezed in for the ride to work. These know-it-alls will find inefficiency in everything no matter how conservative we are with land, air, water and energy.

They are ridden with the guilt of being alive and want to make the rest of us miserable.

Meanwhile, they expend great energy, time, money and take up space to study the imagined problem and then get paid for it--- all to "raise awareness" of the guilt of living. Talk about production efficiency!

More global warming nonsense...leave one candle unlit at Hannukah to save the earth! Next the Christmas tree lights will need to be turned off for an hour a day. And those dazzling houses will have to tear down their exterior Christmas lights.

The energy and CO2 from the burning Hannukah candles is an infinitesimally small amount compared to that produced by the fires that raged worldwide this past year. Not burning the candles means nothing to the world. It's just a feel good, knee-jerk reaction.

From now on, to be consistent, liberals should never hold a candlelight vigil.

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