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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UN, AIDS and Global Warming

Public policy is generally determined by data and government spending is determined on the basis of that data. Spending on AIDS has increased to $10 billion per year and is classified as a pandemic.

Now the United Nations has greatly reduced the estimate of the worldwide number of AIDS cases. Read the story here.

Daniel Halperin, an AIDS epidemiologist, said, "the numbers are probably still on the high side."

Helen Epstein, author of "The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight Against AIDS," was quoted as saying, "There was a tendency toward alarmism, and that fit perhaps a certain fundraising agenda."

Public policy, pandemic, fundraising––these are words that should lead to far more analysis of the data presented for a myriad of other issues on which governments want to spend your money.

On a related note, if the UN can’t get a good handle on the number of AIDS cases worldwide, how is it possible for the UN to have any credibility regarding global warming in its recent warning? The latter is vastly more complex than the former. But you can be certain that the "unequivocal" UN data will be used to drive fundraising through scare tactics. The manipulators are at work, the do-gooders must save the earth from you.

The climate views of John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, will go unheeded. His non-alarmist declaration doesn’t require spending tax dollars or public policy created by manipulators. Have project, need data. Just manipulate the people with manipulated data.

Talk about faulty data. Check out this on official thermometers. We called attention to this back in July.

Update Nov. 27: Of course the UN needed to offer its denial of cooking the books.

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