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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Refuted Dem Had to Write Another Letter

The following letter in Chisago County Press, July 12, 2007, is printed here since it is not online. It responds to Bob Barrett’s letter which refuted Wade Vitalis’ original complaint.


Response to Gov. Pawlenty letter
To the editor:

I recently wrote a letter to the editor which contrasted the successful approach of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in wake of similar fiscal challenges, with the unsuccessful approach of Governor Tim Pawlenty.

A writer responded critically to the comparison and conveniently glossed over the key points, like:

The fact both men were elected from the same political party - Republican.

That Mayor Bloomberg has a job approval rating of 70-75 percent and Governor Pawlenty doesn’t!

That for the first time ever, Minnesota’s unemployment rate exceeded the national average and that our growth has fallen for two consecutive years, leaving us ranked 30th in the country when we’ve been historically in the top 10.

Though these facts are troublesome enough, the key element in my letter was the lack of business savvy by Governor Pawlenty to understand what we already know as residents and businessmen in Minnesota - we have a "brand."

Minnesota’s "brand" has been education, transportation, public service and recreation with an intentional focus on shared prosperity. By focusing like a laser on these brand characteristics we have prospered.

The best and most successful corporations in the country spend millions each year to preserve, promote and build their "brand." Why should Minnesota be any different?

Bloomberg remarked, "The difference between having the courage of your convictions and being pig-headed is in the results."

In the face of these results, higher unemployment and low growth, my question was how can anyone not think Governor Pawlenty is being a bit pig-headed himself?

Wade Vitalis


That Bloomberg was a Republican in 2002 is hardly significant. He had been a lifelong Democrat. Now the former Democrat and erstwhile Republican is an Independent, proving, along with the 18.5% tax increase, he was not a typical Republican.

The letter writer’s doom and gloom of "...higher unemployment and low growth..." is not shared by analysts. Forbes Magazine recently ranked the fifty states for the best business climate. Moving Minnesota from 14th place last year to the present 10th best spot in the nation, Forbes ranks it high as a good place for business, in comparison to other states. New York state moved from 35th place to 33rd in the over all rating. Hmmm, Minnesota is in 10th place and New York state is 33rd. Minnesota is in trouble indeed! And its Pawlenty’s fault!

Forbes ranks Minnesota number one in quality of life. Both states are right in the middle of the pack, tied at 26th place for growth prospects. If this is doom and gloom for Minnesota, then New York is in trouble. The touted wizardry of erstwhile Republican Mayor Bloomberg has produced a 5.2% unemployment rate for NYC in June. Compare Minnesota’s 4.5% unemployment rate.

It must be Pawlenty's fault!

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