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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Administrative note...

Some of the changes to the CCGOP blog deserve an explanation. Perhaps the most significant change is the addition of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers (MOB) blogroll and graphic in the right-hand column.

The MOB is simply a group of bloggers based in Minnesota. Although many, if not most, are conservative, it is not a requirement for membership. I count over 115 blogs listed on the roll. Most, if not all, have the MOB blogroll on their blogs as well. That means that, in one fell swoop, CCGOP is linked by over 100 blogs. Better yet, it is linked at blogs from our own state. Since many of the blogs are political in nature, membership to MOB gives CCGOP a presence among politically minded Minnesotans.

It's about as targeted as one can get for free.

Power Line and Captain's Quarters, with their incredible clout on the national scene, are honorary members. Both are great policy blogs and a regular stop for serious minded conservatives. Some other great state blogs include Fraters Libertas (of Hugh Hewitt fame), MN Democrats Exposed, Pioneer Press columnist Craig Westover, and the always funny Nihilist in Golf Pants. Notice that Chisago is not the only county GOP to be a member. Carver County GOP is also on the roll.

I suggest visiting a couple every day or two and finding blogs that you like. After all, that's what it's all about.


Note the counter at the bottom of the page. It is keeping track of how many hits and page views the blog gets per day, week, month, etc., and where in general they came from. In this way the blog can see how it's impact increases over time.

Polls are a simple function of Blogger, and can be changes at any time. If anyone has an idea for a poll, simply e-mail one of the blog authors.

If anyone has any additional questions about the blog look or features, send e-mail to tfgoper2008@yahoo.com.

Happy blogging!

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