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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is an article about immigration.

The Jeopardy of Reform
By Charles Krauthammer

Comprehensive immigration reform is in jeopardy because it is a complex compromise with too many moving parts and too many competing interests. Employers want a guest worker program; unions want to kill it. Reformers want to introduce a point system that preferentially admits skilled and educated immigrants; immigrant groups naturally want to keep the existing family preference system. Liberals want legalization now; conservatives insist on enforcement "triggers" first.

There is only one provision that has unanimous support: stronger border enforcement. I've seen senators stand up and object to the point system, to chain migration, to guest workers, to every and any idea in this bill -- except one. I have yet to hear a senator stand up and say she is against better border enforcement.

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Teaparty said...

I heard somebody ask the other night: If fences don't work, why do they put them around prisons?

Barriers have worked wonders for Israel, drastically reducing the violence of suicide bombers.

Unfortunately, no one seems to want to stop illegal immigration, including the most entrenched of GOP elected officials. Lott, McCain, and even the president, are turning their backs on their sacred duty to protect this country's borders.

It's a shame to see from a party that seems to understand security so well in other areas.