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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Front page ECM Post Review, July 29, 2009 story headline: "POWER PLANT MEETING PACKS LENT TOWN HALL"

Further important details as unfolded in the story:

"Close to 300 people attended to learn about a proposed electric generation power plant . . . . ."

"A number of guests had been invited to the meeting including legislators . . . . . ."

"Senator Rick Olseen was in attendance."

"Olseen admitted the Legislature (that's him) might have made a mistake and that it would probably be up to (the school district, county and Lent township) to negotiate inflation into the host agreement."

And then there was Rep. Jeremy Kalin - the staunch environmentalist!

Representative Kalin was either not present or, if present among the 300, evidently did not say anything worth quoting by the ECM Post Review editor who wrote the story.

So here is a vivid example of the quality of your representation in the legislature:

The Senator "might have made a mistake" and the Representative was silent, not worth quoting or absent!

(Source of "quotes": ECM Post Review, July 29, 2009 - pages 1 and 2)

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Anonymous said...

You said a mouth full! Couldn't have said better myself.