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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Oh, how fortunate we are to have Jeremy Kalin serving us as our State Representative!

Get yourself a copy of the Isanti-Chisago County STAR, Thursday, March 12, 2009 and read for yourself how eloquently, thoroughly and scholarly he summarizes the dire straits we are in and note how carefully he analyzes the actions that will lead the way out to a better day. That ability must be a spin-off of his school teaching days! Why, he's Reaganesque you'll exclaim!

With the skill of a deep-thinking socio-political philospher the Venerable Kalin informs us in the opening comment of his extensive House Notes (and notice, even those words are a clever, eye catching title for his tome) that he has "always believed that the best social program in this country (his thinking in not narrowly limited to Chisago County - he thinks big!) is a job."

Further, as he continues to wax eloquently, he strokes his philospher's beard and tells us that "(a)s Minnesotans we pride ourselves on our work ethic and providing for our families by the sweat of our brow! Wow, Mr. Kalin that's almost biblical is it not! (both exclamation points added for emphasis).

But something has gone wrong! Here Representative Kalin lays out the problem. "Every week, more than 1,300 Minnesotans are losing their jobs." (Multiply that by 52 weeks and that's a lot of job losses - if it keeps up at that rate it could become a real problem!)

And here Rep. Kalin further points up the scope of the problem. He tells us that as a consequence of the "global economic recession" it is "harder and harder to hang on to the jobs we already have."

You have to hand it to Rep. Kalin, he's a thorough analyst in defining the problem. You probably were not aware until he told you that this has become a world-wide recession. You see, he "thinks globally" while insignificant little you think only locally!

A few statistics will be helpful to you to follow where he is going with all this. He informs us that "Central Minnesota is ground zero (that has kind of an ominous ring to it does it not!) in the tide of joblessness and home foreclosures - "ground zero" right in Representative Kalin's District no less! But fortunately, to move this along, "(h)elp is on the way (drum roll!) in the form of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The signature achievement (his words with italics added for emphasis) of the 110th Congress and President Obama, the federal recovery funds will help save 45,000 jobs in Minnesota this year - if . . . . " IF and what a big if that is!

And on top of everything else our esteemed Representative had opportunity to demonstrate his humanitarian instincts for "(d)uring the late-February blizzard, I stopped on my way home (was that his Minneapolis house or his Chisago county rent house?) to push a car spinning its wheels in a snowdrift, and I saw dozens of others do the same."

This must have been the other members of the DFL caucus for they are well-known for "spinning their wheels and getting nowhere" while pretending they are accomplishing things!


Anonymous said...

Well done Freedom Writer, you are on the money. Fellow Conservatives, it is time we take back the United States of America, and Minnesota, and oust the duo of Kalin & Olseen. These two are not worth talking about. We have to find TRUE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN'S to represent us come next election. I am going out on a limb, but our past so called Republican Rep and Sen. were too liberal!!!!!! What is wrong with being a REAL CONSERVATIVE? The Rhinos that have been our Leaders in our district fold under pressure by the Liberals. They try to be politically correct and polite, and friends, that doesn't work if you want to be a leader. You must believe in conservatism and stick with your ideas come Hell or high water. Do not compromise! When did a Democrat compromise with a conservative? First of all, you must have conservative goals. You pound that message over and over until people know you are serious. What has happened in the past is our side starts out conservative, then bends a little at a time until you can not tell which is the Republican and which is the Democrat. This insanity must stop!! Ronald Reagan, the greatest president in our life time never gave up his goals. When he left office he had extremely high ratings in the polls, as all Americans gave him credit for his stance on making America strong and productive again. I want change! The Liberals must be defeated! The Republicans we choose to lead us must be conservative and strong, and lead this wonderful country out of the grasp of communistic rule we are now under. God bless America, The home of the Brave, Let us be Free once again. Thank you for reading my true feelings.

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