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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do You Have Your Belly Full of Democrat Lies, Spending, Trickery, Control, Dictatorship?

The title of this blog is the message - the message is: "Have you had enough?"


Anonymous said...

I had enough the day after the election! The arrogance of the Democrats is mind blowing. LaBamba walks out and the dem's swoon, cheer, faint and kiss the ground where he walked. The Liberal press following. Every word that comes out of that dictators mouth is a lie. How ironic, Labamba moves to the right to get the Rhino vote, and the Rhino's move to the left to be made fools of by both parties. Let's make a deal, at the convention, lets oust all liberal Republicans, and choose only TRUE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS, and stick to Mitt Romney type guys!!! Enough of these wimpy Republicans that think we can work with the enemy and be loved by all. No more Independant Republicans, only Conservative Republicans. We need to win people, and the only way we can is to stick to our conservative base and bring along the Reagan Democrats that we lost so long ago. Do I hear any Conservative Republicans behind my thoughts?????

Anonymous said...

I'm with you!!

Anonymous said...

Count me IN!

Tony Minnichsoffer said...

A BIG LOUD YES to that. Let's be Conservatives first and always:
--Trust in God and ourselves
--Support the Constitution of the United States of America.
--Choose life and protect all human life
--Believe our nation's strength rises from individuals
--Uphold every American’s dignity, responsibility,freedom, ability and talents.
--Support free enterprise and encourage individual initiative
--Demand fiscal responsibility by our governments at all levels.
Sincerely, and proudly Not Anonymous,
Tony Minnichsoffer

Anonymous said...

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