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Saturday, January 31, 2009


A classic example of cheap-shot junk journalism was the front page above- and below-the-fold of the Strib under the date of January 30, 2009 titled: HOW DO YOU GET TO D.C.? with the sub-title: "Coleman went to court and Franken went to Florida. But the real question is . . . "

Two panel pictures involved show a salubrious Al Franken who just happened to be standing in front of a portrait of President Jack Kennedy and then there was the lugubrious shot of a wrinkle-browed Norm Coleman slumped pensively in an obvious court room chair.

The pictures are only part of the story. But clearly the pictures are designed and intended to set a tone or an "atmosphere" for all that follows. And what follows is a real journalistic gem.

Everything written about Franken is positive and light and sunshiney and all that is written about Coleman is dark and foreboding of failure. Of Franken the whole atmosphere of words is anticipation of success as the inevitable outcome. Of Coleman the conclusion is foregone that the court case is an exercise in futility.

The Strib, even as it struggles for survival by going into Chapter 11, still doesn't "get the picture" of why their advertising revenue is down and why their readership has tanked. One wonders if they ever read their own scandal sheet portrayed as mainline journalism.

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Anonymous said...

Where are the Democrats now? They must be so ashamed of voting for the people they supported, or they would be on this blog saying what a great job the Messiah and his fellow communists are doing. Our "Loco", not local, representation in the Mn House and Senate are mute too. I guess I would be ashamed too of the tripe they slopped on us. God save the USA!