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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Isn’t it amazing how Oberstar and other Dems can denigrate a person’s ability and integrity if they are a Bush or Pawlenty appointee? Rosenker’s integrity is attacked because he is a Bush appointee. Molnau’s integrity is attacked because she is a Pawlenty appointee.

Oberstar is the senior Democrat on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and has oversight of the NTSB and its chairman, Rosenker. And yet Oberstar pawns himself off as a public servant when he takes Rosenker to task for his report, which obviously hinders the Dems cause. Oberstar wants us to think his motives are honorable while Rosenker’s and Molnau’s are political. Oberstar thinks he has a right to meddle in the process to get a report he wants. That right is reserved for Dems alone.

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